I’m Joining NextView Ventures as an Investor. Here’s Why

Leah Fessler
8 min readOct 14, 2020

I am so excited to share that today I joined NextView Ventures as a Senior Associate on the investing team, based in New York City, the town I’m lucky enough to call home. Thank you to NextView for this awesome announcement!

Why NextView

NextView is a seed-stage, generalist venture capital fund led by brilliant, kind, and curious individuals. Their exceptional reputation is built on their successful investing record, and their unwavering commitment to supporting the founders they invest in—both as leaders and human beings. In an industry often shrouded by platitudes and false promises, NextView is the exception. They are honest, accessible, and real. They are also super fun to be around, whip-smart, and deeply experienced as investors and entrepreneurs. All of these qualities are invaluable in venture capital, and many of them are rare.

NextView was founded in Boston, but their portfolio spans the country with a strong focus on New York, where Melody Koh (Partner) and Dorothy Ren (Associate) are also based. (Formerly, Melody was the first product hire at Blue Apron, where she built the product team from the ground up.) NextView and I share conviction that New York City remains an under-tapped wealth of interdisciplinary innovation and opportunity, and I could not be more excited to double-down this city and its founders.

Why now

Dark as the past year has been and the present remains, New York and the country at large are uniquely positioned to reinvent the ways in which we work, live, and succeed. I believe New York founders will help lead the charge, and if you’re building a company here or beyond, please get in touch. I can’t wait to meet you. (Social distance park hangs, Zooms, carrier pigeons, you name it, I’m there.)

I have seen the power of New York entrepreneurs first-hand over the past year through my experience at Chief, the private network for women executives. As an early employee at the women-led, NYC-founded company, I built relationships with extraordinary women leading businesses of all sizes, across all industries. Through the Chief network I saw incredible brain trusts form—the seeds of new founding teams and businesses. This interdisciplinary collaboration is the heart of…

Leah Fessler

Investor at NextView Ventures. Journalist. Thinking about gender, equality, and pugs. Formerly at Chief, Quartz, Slow, Bridgewater Associates, Middlebury.