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  • Heather Hower

    Heather Hower

  • Melody Koh

    Melody Koh

    Partner @NextViewVC. Former Head of Product @BlueApron.

  • Cheryl Campos

    Cheryl Campos

    Head of Venture @ Republic, investing in private startups. Learn more at republic.co & follow me on twitter @modelvc

  • Gefen Skolnick

    Gefen Skolnick

    Writing @AllRaise. Venture Partner @ContraryCapital, Founder of @CoupletCoffee, and @BunchofFounders. Linguistics & Computer Science @UCLA.

  • Trivette Knowles

    Trivette Knowles

    From Kansas to Brooklyn. I write about race, religion, and politics. Follow my weekly newsletter https://trivetteknowles.substack.com/

  • Ramesh A Nagarajah

    Ramesh A Nagarajah

  • Sean McQuillan

    Sean McQuillan

    I’m a writer and generalist with experience in economic consulting, early-stage startups, nonprofits, and large tech companies. Find me @SeanMcQuillan9!

  • Melissa McCart

    Melissa McCart

    Editor of Heated with Mark Bittman on Medium. Dog mom. Pho fan. Send me your pitches: melissamccart@gmail.com

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